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Payment Processing For Everyday People.

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How it works?

Clickpaye uses the power of Paypal to simplify card payment processing for nano and micro business operators in Jamaica. And its free!

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Simply download the ClickPaye app for your Android, IOS mobile device and create an account by entering your email and a password of your choice.


We don't store your card details Paypal does. Create an account using your Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card or an active Paypal account to start.


Simply scan the corresponding QR Code to pay or generate one to collect payments. Transactions are instant, with no need to reveal card or Paypal details.


Your payments are collected and made instantly to your Paypal. Use our Premium App to receive payments directly to your local Bank Account.


Great features you'll love.

We’ve strived not just to create a quick yet safe and secure way to pay and collect payments. A payment processing solution for everyday people.


Clickpaye is a secure encrypted payment processing system using Paypal's peer to peer payment technology, this eliminates the need for us to store your personal and payment details. Merchants can now accept payments using their mobile phone without the need to touch or swipe a customers payment card.


ClickPaye was designed to create a seamless and immersive shopping experience. Locate merchants instantly, get push notifications on deals nearby, receive discounts and digital coupons while earning real world rewards from your favorite local merchant.

No Middle Men

Clickpaye gives local Paypal account holders the ability to use their Paypal funds anywhere ClickPaye is accepted in Jamaica. Merchants using Clickpaye have the ability to collect both Paypal and credit/debit card payments instantly. It's really that simple.

Hear What People Are Saying.

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    Sergio Escobar Founder Institute

    Groundbreaking disruption in a fresh landscape, a definite gamechanger...

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    Linley Reynolds Scoitia Bank Jamaica.

    A startup to watch in the payment landscape..Fintech in the Caribbean is here to stay...


Questions and Answers.

Find out why ClickPaye is your perfect payment solution.

What are the security features?

Firstly the app does not store your payment details, secondly, Its a contactless method of payment, our QRcode technology encrypts the transaction. No need to carry a payment card or have someone swipe your card. Its payment processing made simple for everyday people.

What if i don't have a payment card?

Clickpaye might not be for you. The platform is designed specifically for merchants and consumers who are holders of Visa or Mastercard payment cards.This allows payments to be completed quickly without the need, hassle or delay of having a third party handle your transaction.

How do merchants receive payouts?

Payment are instant and go directly to your corresponding Paypal account. Merchants using our premium service receive payments directly to their local bank account within 60 minutes of request.

Why use ClickPaye?

ClickPaye is the safest payment platform in the Caribbean. By eliminating the need to carry or swipe a card, you are no longer exposed to face to face fraud which accounts for 85% of personal data theft.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden or additional transaction charges. You are exposed to the same charges of your card provider minus the risk of transaction fraud. Paypal charges differ according to region, as in keeping with PayPal processing compliance rules.

What happens if i lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, thats unfortunate. ClickPaye’s layered security features prevents access to your account or your encrypted card payment information, giving you the piece of mind you deserve. You may also contact customer support if this happens.

Best Of All, ClickPaye Is Free.

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